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#1 The Uglee Beginning

#1 The Uglee Beginning published on

I’m pretty aware that the first few issues are really hard to follow/read, so I’ve written up the transcripts for them!

Will probably write up the rest of the transcripts eventually but I figure these are more dire circumstances than the rest, heh heh.


Kiba: Hee hee, this is Emvok. Cool, huh?

VRDrone: You drew us on lined paper, dammit.

Kiba: Stop bagging it!

VRDrone: No.

Kiba: Stop!

VRDrone: Hee hee

Oxalic: Yeah, it’s crap!

Elrachnid: CRAAAP!

Kiba: Oh, I’m gunna cry now.

Oxalic: So, Nids… Seen any good movies?

Elrachnid: No, but I’ve sure seen some bad artwork.

MKB: How degrading. Kiba, you’ve let yourself down.

Kiba: You know, if you keep that up I’ll delete you

VRDrone: Hear that? Ha ha!

Oxalic: Oooh, save me!

Elrachnid: I’m afraid! (I can’t look innocent)

MKB: Heh, whatever.

Kiba: Ha, serves you right.

Voice 1: Oy…

Voice 2: Where am I?

Voice 3: Stop biting my head!

Voice 4: Sorry…

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