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Kiba: Okay, working on layout.

VRDrone: It’s not working. This one looks just like the last one.

Kiba: Hey, it does not!

VRDrone: Yes it does. Any minute now, Oxalic & Nids are gonna come in.

Kiba: Are not!

VRDrone: Right on time.

SFX: Pop!

Oxalic: Where’s the murder?

SFX: Pop!

Elrachnid: I was raised by a cup of coffee.


Kiba: Well, at least something good comes from this.

VRDrone: What, you can be lazy?

Elrachnid: I’m infringing copyrights

SFX: Pop!

MKB: Not again…


Kiba: You’re all gonna disappear next frame.


Kiba: Revenge is sweet.

Voices: I hate you, Kiba.

Voice: *hic*



Webcomic Transcript AuthorsKav P