Emvok (2003-9)

Some Context:

Emvok was a long-running stick figure series I started in high school as a way of combating boredom in class. It also unwittingly charts my slow fall into depression, which persisted until 2017! Enjoy making of it what you will, but I highly recommend first learning about the characters below. And now… to the comic:

Note: Backlog still being uploaded. There is a LOT of content, folks!

I also have a collection of Guest Emvok, drawn for me by fans. If you want to send me a Guest Emvok, please get in touch!

Main Characters:


KibaKiba is a four-tailed fox, and originally was created to be the estranged older sister of Miles ‘Tails’ Prower of Sega fame. This is all forgotten here, as being a stick figure head it’s a little hard to show one’s multitude of tails. She is a little crazed with the author powers bestowed upon her by Kav P, much to the chagrin of those around her.


ElrachnidElrachnid is a spider and an egocentric one at that. He loves nothing better than to expose every fallacy in Emvok. That and taunting everyone else. It would be grand to say something nice about Nids, but go on. Sure you have a try.


OxalicOxalic (© Owen O’D) is a wolfish (don’t ask him how that works out. his parents wouldn’t tell him), and as such he has A.D.D. of which he is very proud. He would be regarded as the bimbo of the Emvok troupe were if not for Kimbo deBimbo. He is reluctantly cuddly.


BrennBrenn is a lovable sushi-crazed human with hair like the Himalayas. He likes long walks on the beach, cuddles by moonlight and none of the afore-mentioned in this sentence. A late-comer to Emvok, he wishes he’d been here earlier as it would have given him the chance to eat more sushi.



This lynx (© Elise McM) displayed an uncanny ability to mimic Kiba’s author superpowers early on in her creation, and has plans to use these to her advantage in order to take over Emvok, along with her superhero alias, Ngangman. She is not a cat girl.


VRDroneVRDrone the fox
VRDrone the fox (© Mathew T) was one of the original main Emvok characters but wasn’t fond of the idea of being a stick-figure character and hence fled the scene not long after issue #100. He was always almost unrecognisable from Kiba.


MKB/FusionMKB/Fusion the vampire
MKB (© Mike B) is a grumpy vampire and another original main character of similar ambition. He changed his name to Fusion somewhere near the end of his reign. In the end he joined a leper colony and sucked all the lepers’ blood.

Cameo Characters:

KimboKimbo deBimbo the raccoon
Her name betrays her person. Kimbo deBimbo is the reigning Emvok bimbo although she occasionally has some stiff competition with little Oxalic. It is anybody’s guess how she met Kiba, and how Kiba tolerated her for any length of time.

DeanneDeanne the pencil
Deanne the pencil has a fine temper and looks after it well. He is a male pencil, which is why his name is Deanne. There are a few grouchy character in Emvok, but he is probably the grouchiest. Has a tendancy to say ‘no’.

MeaganMeagan the chook
There is not too much to say about Meagan the chook but that she is a chook and this fact alone makes her funny. This factor also applies to her brother Gavin the chook (particularly because by all accounts he should be a rooster).

GoogalogGoogalog the grouse
When the artiste’s sister demanded to be made into an Emvok character, the result was Googalog the grouse. Googalog enjoys introducing himself and has recently developed a nasty habit of meeting miss fortune every time he appears (A little pun there. Did you spot it?).