PUA for Women (2017)

Welcome to my new impeccably-edited, high production YouTube series all about PUA for women. Let me teach you how to score the boy of your dreams for the night of your life – guaranteed*!

* Not a guarantee

PUA for Women is a mini-series of short relationship “advice” for women PUAs (“pick-up artists) which functions as a satire of the PUA community and its techniques, which are largely emotionally and at times physically abusive. Many techniques revolve around the idea of making a woman feel insecure about herself enough that she welcomes the PUA’s advances. We often laugh off PUAs as being sad losers, which carries the risk of minimising the damage that these people do. By giving a fresh perspective to these tactics, I hoped to remind people of the real threat these people pose to their victims.

I recommend reading the descriptions of each video as well, which provide a little light-hearted relief to the dark theme.